Botanica - The Tale of Petunia and the Gnat

This two person, five minute opera is a sweet, sexy little piece for a soprano, baritone, and chamber orchestra. It was written for Music Biennalle Zagreb's 5 Minute Opera Competition in 2015. 



Petunia (soprano, 20 – 40) – A quiet, eccentric exotic plant shop owner, prone to singing lullabies to sick plants and cloistering herself away from the world in her emerald jungle.

Nathan (baritone, Petunia’s age) – A helpless, volcanic young man who is madly in love with Petunia. Unfortunately, he works at a flower shop and is forced to deliver flowers to her from her secret admirer.


Petunia throws open the curtains of her exotic plant shop. Brushing carelessly by a row of vases, each containing a bouquet of roses one day older than the next, she discovers that her Venus flytrap is wilting. She sings it back to life with her promise that the lonely little plant will someday find a friend to keep warm. Nathan, the flower delivery man, arrives with a fresh bouquet of roses from Petunia’s secret admirer. He cannot hide his feelings anymore – he vows to tell Petunia he loves her. When Petunia begins to explain how wonderful love can be at a distance, he cannot help but interrupt. Impatient, she kisses him. To her delight, he kisses her back. But Nathan is in for a surprise. Petunia is not the starry-eyed victim of her secret admirer that he thought she was…


Soprano, baritone, Bb clarinet, bassoon, Bb trumpet, marimba, piano, violin, viola, cello

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