Maelstrom - The Zombie Opera

A fast-paced, 90-minute hybrid of zombie movie, classical music, and stage dramedy.

Co-written with Reed Reimer, this spooky chamber piece will make you laugh, cringe in fear, laugh some more, and probably run home to watch every zombie movie and opera you can find afterwards. Maelstrom is scored for four singers, a handful of actors, piano, strings, and a moaning zombie chorus.


Expectant mother Anna is inside a cutting edge private hospital, receiving treatment for her mysterious, undiagnosed disease, when the entire complex locks her and her friends inside, leaving them at the mercy of the doctors, nurses, patients, and security guards who begin to act very strangely...

Sample Recordings


Reminiscent of Verdi, Beethoven, and Zeppelin. It’s darn funny, it’s dramatic, it’s bloody gruesome.
— Larry Farrington, The Broadside, November 11, 2016
The best event I saw this year.
— David and Mallory DaCosta, Source Weekly, December 28, 2016
— David Jasper, Bend Bulletin, October 13, 2016
A delicious 90 minutes of high concept pandemonium. [Reimer and Larson] took cues from sources as diverse as Schoenberg and Danny Elfman, while nevertheless creating a unified, eerily atmospheric sonic landscape.
— Jon Minervini, The Willamette Week, July 10, 2009
One of the most innovative pieces of theater I have seen from PSU, either through the student group TASO or the department itself.
— Carly Nairn, Portland Vanguard, July 21, 2009
A serious piece of music.
— Cascade A&E, November 1, 2016
Very subtle, very smart, very clever. The more I think about it, the more I wish I could see this again.
— Brother D, Mail Order Zombie (Podcast), July 23, 2009

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Photo Gallery

Below are photos from past productions of Maelstrom.

Production History

2009 - Theater Arts Student Organization (TASO) and Student Opera at PSU (SOAP) in Portland, Oregon. 

2015 - Kitsap Fringe Opera in Kitsap, Washington. 

2016 - Opera Bend in Bend, Oregon.