Adventures of Gaia, Vol. I

Tech + Magic = GAIA

Welcome to the worlds of Gaia, where death only means the loss of all memory, and rebirth can be as easy as waking up in a pod.

This soundtrack was curated from hours of underscore and music created for the YouTube series Adventures of Gaia, an original show based on the tabletop RPG created by Josh and Melissa Bachynski. The show follows a handful of characters on their journey through the fictional world of Gaia, a futuristic, post-apocalyptic universe where technology and magic coexist.

To evoke the techno-magical world of Gaia, we assembled a hybrid musical vocabulary of vocal, orchestral and electronic sounds. The vast story of Gaia takes us from the epic landscapes of deep space portals and desolate battlefields to the chambers within sunken underwater pirate ships and even the labyrinth of the human mind. Along the way we meet goat-headed cyborgs, an imperious pug god, a space witch, and deadly angels.

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